The Best Day Trips on the West Coast

Looking for an adventurous day trip? Now is the best time to hit the road and explore the nearby gems in your area. Head on out to these top spots along the West Coast to make memories that you’ll remember for the rest of your life!

Leavenworth in Washington State

Photo source: Leavenworth

If you’re longing for a trip to Germany, why not head to Leavenworth, WA. This small town has transformed itself into a Bavarian village-themed vacation destination that you don’t want to miss! The beauty of the North Cascades will make you feel like you’ve jet-setted off to the Bavarian Alps. With so many fantastic shops and dining options to explore downtown, combined with a multitude of annual festivals, you just might find yourself coming back to Leavenworth again and again!

Cannon Beach in Oregon

Oregon gets left off the map a lot, but it has some pretty incredible sites to see! Cannon Beach is an easy-to-access beach with miles and miles of white sand. You can visit one of the waterfalls and take some stunning pictures of Haystack Rock that towers 235 feet above the water. Once you’re done relaxing on the beach, head into town and enjoy some boutique shopping and delicious dining!

Palm Springs in California

If the goal of your one-day getaway is relaxation, then Palm Springs is the place for you! This one-of-a-kind destination is located in the middle of the Sonoran Desert. Here, you’ll find hot springs, luxurious spas, golf resorts, and more! Looking for a little more action? Venture downtown to do some shopping or travel a little further out of town to Coachella Valley and go hiking on one of the many expansive trails.

Photo source: Visit Carlsbad

LEGOLAND in California

If getting the kids somewhere fun for the day is your top priority, then head on over to LEGOLAND! This theme park in Carlsbad is based on the classic Lego toy brand and features over 60 rides and a waterpark, along with shows and character meet & greets. After you’ve had your fun in the theme park area, head over to the aquarium and see over 5,000 aquatic creatures up close and personal! (Photo source: Visit Carlsbad

Redwood National Park in California

Home of the tallest trees in the world, the Redwood National Park is a must-see place on the West Coast. With trees that tower hundreds of feet above you, there is no other destination that will leave you amazed the way this national park will. Hike or bike the trails that run through the forest, settle down for a picnic or take beautiful photos of the trees. In addition to the dense forest, Redwood National Park also has stunning prairies and secluded beaches making it a must-visit destination everyone will enjoy.

Death Valley in California

Death Valley National Park lies mostly in Inyo County, California, which borders Nevada. It is the hottest and driest destination in the United States and despite its grim name, this national park boasts many exciting things to see. Badwater Basin, the lowest point in the entire country at 282 ft below sea level, is home to many interesting species of wildlife that have adapted to the extreme conditions. Marvel at the stunning mountains that tower above in contrast and enjoy outdoor activities like hiking, horseback riding, or even birdwatching. With a variety of on-site restaurants, you can make an entire day of exploring the park!

The West Coast has a lot to offer for vacations, getaways, and trips but, you can also make some lasting memories with quick day trips all over! Visit some of these exciting places to see all the West Coast has to offer!

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