Yearning for an unforgettable, exceptional, worry-free journey?  

Bermudaful Travel & Beyond curates personalized life-enriching, exclusive luxury adventure travel that will not only cure your wanderlust and nurture your inner explorer, but also inspire travel-envy among your friends and create lifetime memories.

By partnering with the best hotels, restaurants, venues, and vendors, Bermudaful Travel & Beyond passes service fees on to the vendors while passing their discounts and upgrades on to you. 

Online travel sites may have made looking and booking easy, but in the end, the burden is on you to do your due diligence, check cancellation policies and find out how honorable they are, research travel requirements, like visas or quarantines, prepare for weather hazards that can hamper plans, learn local customs to help you assimilate, and make sure the attractions you want to see will accommodate you and your party. 

Travel easy knowing that we have every detail taken care of and will make sure that the journey you experience delivers beyond your expectations.  

We will make sure your experience is well planned, including contingency plans, when necessary. Should the unexpected happen during your adventures, we will be available immediately to smooth out any bumps in the road.  

Schedule a consultation today if you want high-touch, personalized help with:

  • Selecting the perfect destination for a once-in-a-lifetime experience
  • Researching COVID restrictions and requirements
  • Booking international flights that accommodate security measures and possible delays
  • Securing elite accommodations in the best hotels in the world
  • Reserving villas for group or family travel
  • Choosing the finest ocean and river cruises
  • Planning expeditions to rarely seen locations
  • Arranging car rentals or shuttle and limo service to and from the airport or port
  • Scoring tickets to museums, shows, attractions, and tours  
  • Aligning your travel with a purpose and exploring the best eco tourism options
  • Chartering private jets, yachts, and luxury fishing boats

About Ronda, Luxury Travel Advisor and experienced, proven VIP service expert

Ronda Pergola is a luxury travel expert with family ties to Bermuda. With many journeys under her belt, she founded Bermudaful Travel & Beyond to share the experience of exotic destinations with like-minded luxury vacationers. 

Previously, Ronda enjoyed a successful career providing executive-level comfort and support to multiple consulting firm partners, making their jobs easier, more pleasant, and more efficient. She has a strong track history of providing unrivaled personal service and attention to detail and uses these strengths to create a curated, exclusive, one-of-a-kind experience for your journey.

After Ronda discovered that her maternal great-grandparents were born in Bermuda, she deepened her connection to the country by making frequent visits to explore her genealogy and trace distant relatives who may still be residing in the country. This is where her desire to test and recommend the best adventure vacations was born. This is why, even though Bermudaful Travel & Beyond helps adventure-hungry travelers book experiences at the very best destinations around the world, Ronda pays tribute to her ancestral heritage with the name of her 5 star travel agency. 

You want someone who really knows luxury vacations who can be your personal luxury travel concierge, which Ronda has been an expert at for 20 years! 

She is a breast cancer survivor and VFW Auxiliary member living in New Jersey with her husband, an avid golfer, and three dogs. She is mother to four athletic adult sons.

About Bermudaful Travel & Beyond, your one-stop travel agency for luxury and adventure

We customize your journey based on your personal interests, hobbies, tastes, and thresholds for adventure.  Our goal is your utmost experience, truly allowing you to immerse yourself in the colorful culture of the country to give you more than just a vacation – we give you vivid, one-of-a-kind, unforgettable memories! 

Think of us when you are or know someone seeking romantic adventure vacations for couples, one of the best golf vacations possible, group travel packages complete with adventure-filled excursions and group tours, or the destination wedding of your dreams!

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