Happily Ever After in Bermuda


From pastel dwellings and shops that dot the inland horizon to the individual charm of each parish, you can tell that Bermudians are not fans of cookie-cutter experiences, which is why, if you are looking for all-inclusive destination weddings, you won’t find many options there. 


We are here to custom-design luxury wedding packages that include all you need to have your dream wedding in one of the most romantic destinations on earth. 

We love to give you a nuptial journey customized to you and your spouse-to-be’s personal interests, hobbies, tastes, and thresholds for adventure. 

What do you picture?  

Waking up to a full spa treatment so that you look and feel your absolute beson the biggest day of your life?             

A long, lace train hypnotizing teary-eyed, awe-filled guests as it tickles pink coral beaches? 

A vibrant and aromatic bouquet boasting local Iris varieties and the Bermuda purple passionflower, sure to set the mood for a romantic beginning to your love-filled life together?

A silhouette picture of you and your new spouse kissing for the first time as a married couple with a glowing sun setting over turquoise seas, throwing palettes of blues, oranges, and shades in between reflected from the sea to the sky? 

How about, rather than racing to the airport as you wave goodbye to your guests, you and your new beloved escape to your own private candlelit cabana on the beach? Imagine entering your honeymoon suite with a private pool, or better yet, a stunning infinity pool where there is no end or beginning, just like your true love and the ring now on your fingers? 

Haven’t had enough of your guests? Let us plan your pre and post-wedding group activities. Especially when traveling with a group, it can be challenging to make sure that special needs are accommodated and excursions are included. Let us handle those details!

What other fine touches do you need to make your dream wedding and honeymoon a reality? Schedule a consultation today and share your vision with us. You can trust us to cover every elegant detail.

Have your hearts set on a Bermuda all-inclusive destination wedding? You can still be legally married by a ship Captain on an all-inclusive cruise docked and registered in Bermuda. 

Of course, if your heart is set on an all-inclusive destination wedding package and a cruise won’t do, as a Certified All-Inclusive Resorts Expert, we know plenty of other romantic resorts across the world known to host the best destination weddings.

Whether Bermuda or beyond, let us plan your dream wedding and honeymoon. 

Let’s talk more about the honeymoon, because even if you don’t get married in Bermuda

it’s still one of the best honeymoon destinations, especially for couples who love adventure, appreciate the finer experiences of life, and want to immerse themselves in full-color cultures! 

While there aren’t “off-the-shelf” all-inclusive resort options in Bermuda, we will hand-pick honeymoon packages that provide you and your sweetheart with the best experiences to start your married life together. Book a consultation today and tell us all about your vision, so that we can offer honeymoon ideas, show you the best honeymoon suites, and use our connections to book reservations for your first adventures as a married couple. There are so many options, as you’ll see from our pages and blogs. 

Don’t worry if you don’t get everything in on your first visit, because we recommend you make escaping to Bermuda a tradition!

With short daily flights from multiple airports on the East Coast, Bermuda is one of the most accessible weekend getaways for couples. Of course, we welcome you to take more time to experience island life in Bermuda. You could experience something different every year or keep the same reservations every year of your wonderful marriage. Whatever you need to have the best anniversary trips, Bermuda or beyond, we will joyfully arrange it with meticulous detail and utmost customer service. 

Are you looking for babymoon ideas? Bermuda is one of the best places for couples to go when they are expecting. 

In fact, while Bermuda is one of the best romantic getaways for couples even without an occasion, the fact that Bermuda is Zika-free, easy to travel to, one of the safest resort locations, and has world-renowned beaches, like Horseshoe Bay Beach and Warwick Long Bay, it is perfect for your babymoon.  

Schedule a consultation today so that we can start making arrangements for you to experience your pregnancy journey Bermuda-style.