Art & Photography

As if the pastel-colored buildings aren’t eye candy enough, what you can take in through nature and art in Bermudua is sure to tickle your eye palate even more. 

Bermuda has been siren and muse to artists from around the world who have been seduced by the exotic flowers, photogenic wildlife, seascapes, and architecture that spans various culture influences and eras. 

Artist galleries dot the island, including Jonah Jones, an oil painter, Carole Holding, one Bermuda’s most famous watercolor artists (though British born), and artisans who use the island’s natural resources as media for gorgeous crafts and jewelry. 

Equally scattered about the islands are nature reserves and public gardens. If nature photography is what calls you to Bermuda, we can make sure that your itinerary includes the best of what you aim to capture, whether natural or man-made. We cater to photography clubs and would be happy to talk to your photo club about unique photography opportunities and experiences available in Bermuda.

If birds are what you fancy photographing, make sure you also visit our birding page. Ecotourism & Birding

If the experience you want from a museum trip is to take you back to another time, you can learn more about the East End Art District in St. George’s where you can experience time-capsuled architecture and local exhibits. 

We can also help you develop a centralized plan, so that perhaps you spend a few days exploring the Royal Naval Dockyard, home to National Museum of Bermuda, which has won 10+ awards across the travel industry for the way that it gives you an experience of Bermuda’s 500 years of history and culture.  There are many other worthwhile experiences in this parish, as well, such as the Heritage Wharf Craft Market and shops for world-renowned potters and glass artists.

You could spend a few more days just in Hamilton alone, streets lined with artisan Galleries and home to the Society of Arts, which exhibits a different local artist every three weeks. If you take in your art audibly as well as visually, the Hamilton Princess offers live music and the owner’s personal collection is on exhibit, including some highly recognizable artists like Warhol. 

If you like a combination of visual and audible art, plan your experience to coincide with the 7-week performing arts festival hosted in Hamilton and celebrated in nearby parishes as well. You will experience all kinds of music, but once you are entranced by the steep pan drumming and native Gombey dancers, you will forever have a memory that instantly induces that island vibe as long as you hear it no matter where you are.

Call us today and we’ll get started planning the experience that will spark your inspiration and create inspirational memories for years to come.