The Perks of Using a Travel Agent for Post-COVID Travel

After COVID-19 hit, it seemed like everything stopped. Many people stopped traveling, many countries shut borders, and the hospitality industry took a hit. It was hard to find places to go and destinations to visit because of restrictions and quarantine protocols. But now, as places open back up and travel bans are lifted, more people than ever are trying to shake the travel bug they’ve held onto for over a year! Let’s talk about why you should use a travel agent even though restrictions are being lifted.

You’ll Get More for Your Money

Travel agents have contacts with vendors, supplies, and other travel agents to get you the best deals on your vacation! Travel agents also know about seasonal changes and what peak seasons are coming up to help you plan your trip more efficiently. Your travel agent will also be able to contact vendors and ensure that they are operating at a normal capacity and that you’ll be able to visit during your trip if there are any lingering restrictions. You’ll save time and money by having someone else do the planning for you!

Get the Best Activity Lists for You and Your Family

Not only can a travel agent find you a great destination, but they can also help you narrow down what you would like to do when you’re there. Using Google to try and figure out what you’re going to do on your getaway can be a huge time suck, and it is often not very productive. By giving your travel agent a list of things you’re interested in, they will be able to help you plan activities that you’ll enjoy!

A Travel Agent Knows What’s Happening

Fun fact, travel agents know a lot about traveling! They often spend time away from work researching work! They stay up to date on all things related to travel, including travel restrictions, hot destinations, and new attractions. By working with a travel agent, you’ll have more success in visiting places that you want to go to. As countries open back up and more attractions are releasing restrictions, having someone by your side who knows what will make your trip stress-free!

Convenience and Reliability

You might have a huge list of places you’d like to visit, trips you’d like to book, or attractions that you’d like to see, but do you really want to have to sit and book all of those things? Are you really in the mood to shop for deals? Great news! A travel agent can book all of it for you and make sure that you get the best deal! Travel agents can also help make sure that if things get derailed that they get back on track. Sometimes flights get delayed, attractions have to close, or your hotel room got double-booked; your travel agent will work to make sure that everything gets resolved!

Working with a travel agent at any time can reduce the stress of travel but having someone to help you post-pandemic will be invaluable! 

As our client, you can rest assured that you are getting a great price, personalized tips, and a real person to speak with before, during, and after your trip. Whether you’re looking for a weekend getaway or a luxury vacation, we’re at your service. Get in touch with us today!


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