Unique Natural Wonders in Oregon

Looking for some unique, off-the-beaten-path adventure? Ready for some once-in-a-lifetime experiences? Then check out our list of truly unusual natural wonders that can only be found in Oregon.

Octopus Tree

Located only a quarter-mile inside the Cape Meares State Park is a must-see natural anomaly known as The Octopus Tree. Sometimes described as one of the modern wonders of the world, this 300-year-old tree has no central trunk but instead grew six trunks that extend outwards like the legs of an octopus. The reasoning behind its growth has been debated for years and is still not really known, making this natural mystery even more intriguing and wondrous.

Gravity Hill

There’s an odd stretch of road on Old Fort Road where gravity is perceived to be working in reverse. Objects seem as though they are rolling uphill, water moves uphill, and even your car will start to roll uphill if it’s put in neutral. Chat with the locals about the many theories, both scientific and paranormal, to get truly into the mystery of Gravity Hill.

Neskowin Ghost Forest

This incredibly eerie landscape is all that remains of a once towering forest of Sitka trees. All that is left is around a hundred stumps, petrified by thousands of years of mud, sand, and saltwater. Up until the late 1990’s these stumps were completely buried in the sand, however, erosion of the beach has exposed this unusual natural wonder that was hidden for centuries. Watch for low tide and you can experience the phantom remnants of this forest for yourself.

Thor’s Well

A collapsed cave has created this natural wonder cleverly nicknamed “drainpipe of the Pacific” as it appears to be a bottomless pit into which the ocean drains endlessly. Thor’s Well is best observed right before high tide, where you can watch as the tide rolls in, filling the cave with ocean water from the bottom until it bursts from the top before slowly rolling back in - filling and draining repeatedly.

Lost Lake

Located in Willamette National Forest, Oregon’s famous disappearing lake sits full during the rainy winter season, then begins to drain into a 7-foot wide lava tube in the spring until it becomes a waterless meadow during the summer. To fully experience this natural wonder, one would have to revisit Lost Lake during its different stages, but early summer is the best start to experience the last bit of water draining into the tube.

Oregon time and again proves to be a truly unique place in the world, housing an amalgam of natural anomalies accurately titled as modern-day world wonders. To start planning your once-in-a-lifetime adventure, schedule your complimentary consultation call today.


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