A Romantic Tropical Honeymoon Awaits You in Jamaica!

If you’re dreaming up a romantic tropical honeymoon escape for you and your partner, look no further than the island paradise of Jamaica. Home to some of the most iconic honeymoon resorts, romantic coastlines, and culturally-rich local cuisine, Jamaica provides the perfect backdrop to celebrate the love you share together.

Here’s a list of some of our favorite romantic activities, local eateries, and places to stay on the island for a truly unforgettable honeymoon experience.

Things to do 

Photo source: moonjamaica.com

Blue Mountain Peak

Watching the sunrise is an incredible way to start your day with intention and gratitude for the adventure ahead. Blue Mountain Peak is the most idyllic spot on the island to watch the sun break the horizon, with expansive views of Port Antonio and Kingston. Our adventurous couples will enjoy this early morning 7-mile hike to the top of the world! (Well, the top of the island at least!) 

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Sunset at 7-mile Beach

Few things in this world are more romantic than watching a sunset over the ocean with your loved one. And the sunset at 7-mile beach in Negril is no exception. With white sand and crystal clear water, this west end favorite is a beach lover’s paradise by day and the perfect stretch of sand to catch those fiery hues by night.

Snorkel Montego Bay Marine Park

Photo Source: montegobaymarinepark.org

This Marine Park consists of 20 kilometers of stunning shoreline and 16 square kilometers of protected marine area full of abundant ocean life, thriving coral reefs, seagrass beds, and mangrove ecosystems. You can spend the day snorkeling the reefs, kayaking the mangroves, and taking a guided boat tour where you’ll learn all about the preservation of aquatic life in Jamaica - all while knowing you’re supporting a local group that preserves the marine as well as nature across the rest of the island. 

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Romantic Raft Ride in the Blue Lagoon

Hidden away in the jungles around Port Antonio lies a striking swimming hole filled with crystal clear water waiting for you to jump on in. From here you can hop on a private bamboo raft that will take you out to Monkey Island at low tide where you can spend a romantic afternoon on a secluded beach with your partner.

Where to Eat

Jamaica is known for its all-inclusives where you’ll have access to luxury cuisine at your fingertips. But if you find yourself wanting to escape the hotel grounds for a more local setting, here are some eateries you won’t want to miss.

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Sundays at Lover’s Leap

Retreat to the mountains 1700 feet above sea level for a memorable meal at Lover’s Leap. Legend has it a jealous plantation owner threatened to split up a pair of lovers who decided to run away together. They ended up at this cliff edge and were caught by a golden net placed by the moon. And they were destined to be together forever as the moon set on the horizon.

Spend a Sunday evening here to experience the local flavors and local music while catching ocean views from the tallest lighthouse in the Western Hemisphere. 

Photo Source: thehouseboatgrill.com

Houseboat Grill in Montego Bay

Widely considered the best restaurant in Montego Bay, Houseboat Grill is a romantic hotspot for honeymooners to enjoy an elegant dinner on the water. This eatery is quite literally on a houseboat, anchored in the Bogue Lagoon, with soft lighting, exquisite cuisine, and an upper deck for an incredible stargazing experience. The ambiance calls for a small crowd so make sure to make reservations ahead of time because tables fill up quickly.


Featured in Conde Nast Traveler’s Best Food in Jamaica list, you’ll find an iconic Scotchies establishment in both Montego Bay and Ocho Rios. And if you came to Jamaica with the intention to try Jamaican Jerk chicken, you cannot leave without a visit to this restaurant! You'll love this authentic, no-frills eatery that is said to have the most authentic jerk on the entire island.

Where to Stay

The perfect setting for a relaxing honeymoon in Jamaica is an all-inclusive hotel where food, drinks, amenities, and security are all taken care of so you can simply sit back and relax after a whirlwind wedding season.

Sandals® Ochi, Photo Source: sandals.com

With 6 resorts dotted along the coastline of Jamaica, Sandals® is truly the best way to experience everything the island has to offer. No matter which resort you choose to stay in for your journey, you’ll have access to the amenities at the other Sandals® locations which makes for fun day trips to different parts of the island.

Sandals® has become synonymous with the luxury all-inclusive honeymoon experience. The hardest part of your planning will simply be choosing between the 6 resorts for your stay. You’ll find luxury, elegant dining, incredible beaches, and stunning pools at each so it really comes down to the details when deciding where to stay.

Sandals® Royal Caribbean, Photo Source: sandals.com

Looking for a dreamy overwater bungalow honeymoon suite? You’ll want to check out Sandals® Royal Caribbean located on a privately owned Sandals® island.

Want a more private, secluded honeymoon experience? Royal Plantation will be the spot for you, off the beaten path and the only Sandals® on the island that doesn’t allow guests from the other 5 resorts to come visit to provide a more intimate experience for their guests.

Sandals® Montego Bay, Photo Source: sandals.com

For our honeymooners that like to let loose on the dance floor, Sandals® Montego Bay is where you’ll enjoy the island party atmosphere that never sleeps!

If you and your partner want to enjoy a game or two of golf while you relax and unwind from the wedding hustle and bustle, Sandals® Ochi offers free green fees at the nearby Sandals® Golf and Country Club. You’ll also have access to 105 pools, 16 restaurants, and 11 full-service bars at this tropical paradise.

Sandals® South Coast, Photo Source: sandals.com

Sandals® South Coast is a nature lover’s paradise. Tucked away in this 500-acre nature preserve, you’ll find the only resort on the island where every room offers beachfront access and stunning ocean views. You’ll also find those iconic overwater bungalows as an option at this resort for the ultimate tropical paradise honeymoon experience. Enjoy the largest pool in Jamaica as well as a decadent sushi restaurant right there on the sand when you stay at Sandals® South Coast. 

Sandals® Negril, Photo Source: sandals.com

Looking for easy access to one of Jamaica’s most iconic stretches of beach? Sandals® Negril offers just that, located on the famous 7-mile beach that has been a recurring theme throughout this blog post. You’ll also have access to countless land and water sports if you’re the type of couple that likes to mix a little adventure into your relaxing vacation.

Jamaica is a stunning island paradise that offers adventure, relaxation, and luxury all packaged up into one luxurious vacation. If this sounds like your dream honeymoon, contact us today to get started planning this once-in-a-lifetime experience for you and your partner!


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