How to Solo Travel With Confidence

As a travel advisor, I firmly believe in traveling to the destinations and hotels I include in the personalized itineraries I create for my clients! My motto is “I go so you know” that you’re getting the best of the best when you trust me with your travel plans. But when I travel for work, it often means hopping on a plane and exploring each destination with only myself to keep me company. So I’ve learned a few tricks along the way to solo travel with confidence!

Travel Slowly

The side of a red train traveling on tracks through green mountainsWhen you’re traveling in destinations where you’ll be hopping from place to place like Europe, consider traveling to your next city by train rather than airplane. Trains not only give you time to reflect on the experiences you just had in the location you’re leaving, but they also attract other solo, contemplative travelers who will usually be more than happy to share tales of their travels and ask questions about yours as well. 


This can also be a great way to meet friends who are heading to the same destination as you who might be up to grab lunch when you get to the train station!


Eat at Restaurants That Promote Community

Three bar stools at a turquoise painted bar with thatched roofWhen you’re choosing where to eat and you’re feeling the need for a little social interaction, look for laid-back restaurants with communal tables or bar seating where you’re likely to run into other solo travelers and people also looking to find community. You’ll give yourself a better chance of striking up a conversation with your table neighbors than you would if you head to a fancy restaurant that attracts mostly loved-up couples and you get stuck eating at the table in the corner alone (which can also be a fun experience if you’re looking for some time to relax and decompress! Just not if you’re in the mood to meet people.)

Sign up for Group Excursions

A chef with a chef's hat teaching three students with aprons how to cook in a cooking class setting.Just because you’re traveling alone doesn’t mean you’re doomed to a week of zero human interaction. Day tours offer group travel experiences without having to commit to a full-on group travel vacation. Look for excursions like snorkeling tours, boat rides, cooking classes, and ATV tours.


I recently went on a day tour in Punta Cana to the top of Montaña Redonda with a tour company that took about 15 of us in a fun open-air bus. We enjoyed so many laughs, incredible food, and views I won’t soon forget. 


Challenge Yourself to Put Your Phone Away

A bird's eye view of someone holding a phone in one hand and a coffee cup in the otherWhen I’m solo traveling, it’s easy to sit by the pool and simply scroll away on my phone because 1. It helps me feel less lonely watching what friends and family are doing on social media and 2. It makes me look less lonely to those around me. But one thing I’ve learned is that I don’t enjoy spending my vacation staring at the same screen I can stare at from my living room at home. 


And when I actually allow myself to look a bit lonely by simply sitting by the pool and being present in the moment, people are much more likely to strike up a conversation! Nobody’s going to interrupt me when I’m deep in the scroll hole of Instagram, but they might lean over and mention something like, “The ocean is really beautiful today isn’t it? We’re going to play beach volleyball later today if you’d like to join!” 


I know it can be tough, but give it a try!


And finally…

Sometimes it’s ok to Feel Lonely

The back of a woman with a backpack facing a waterfall on a green cliffsideWe can get so used to the fast pace of life, always keeping up with what everyone around us is doing through the internet, and never really taking a moment to just be with ourselves and present in the moment. 


So although you might feel loneliness from time to time on your solo vacation, maybe it’s just a cue that your mind is finally slowing down and taking in your surroundings and things don’t feel so “exciting” and fast-paced at the moment. 


When you can get comfortable with that feeling, I think you’ll actually start to enjoy the solitude and peace solo travel brings. 



If you’re interested in solo travel, but you’re worried about dealing with the logistics and hiccups along the way by yourself, let’s connect! 


I’m an expert travel advisor with plenty of practice traveling alone and I’d be happy to help you plan your solo vacation! I’m with you every step of the way from planning til when you land back home, so maybe this is an extra bonus tip for how to feel less lonely- Book with a travel advisor who’s there whenever you need something! 



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