5 Commuter-Friendly European Cities

Driving in a foreign country can be intimidating!


  • Booking a rental car
  • Driving a rental car in an unfamiliar city or country with different driving laws 
  • Finding a place to park


These can all be such a hassle but don’t let them be the reason you don’t book that dream vacation! Some travelers welcome the challenge, but others would rather find a destination with great public transportation, walkable streets, and plenty of bike lanes. If you’re the latter, keep reading to learn about these 5 commuter-friendly European cities!


Stockholm, Sweden

Photo source TimeOut

Per the Urban Mobility Index, Stockholm ranks in the top 3 for commuter friendliness. The public transport system in Stockholm covers almost every nook and cranny you can dream of visiting within the city limits. Stockholm Public Transport (SPT) sells passes for the subway, buses, trains, trams, and certain ferry lines. And they’re affordable! A single, 75-minute pass sells for 38 SEK and runs for about $4.00 USD. The SPT also offers 24-hour, 72-hour, and 30-day passes so you can customize your travel plans accordingly. The Metro itself is also a sight to see with over 90 of the designated Metro stations decorated by local artists. From paintings to sculptures, you will get a unique art tour at each stop. Stockholm is also a highly bikeable city and many tourists and locals choose to enjoy bike rides over public transport. Either way, you’ll be able to get around this incredible city without ever having to worry about finding a parking spot.


Copenhagen, Denmark

Photo source TimeOut

Biking is the preferred method of travel for local commuters in Copenhagen. Similar to some electric bike or scooter programs you may have seen in larger cities in America, Copenhagen has over 100 electric bicycle rental stations throughout the city. These bikes offer subscription packages as well as a pay-as-you-go option, starting at around $4.00 USD per hour. To make it even easier to get around, each rental bike is equipped with a GPS tablet allowing you to quickly and safely reach your destination. Copenhagen also offers an intricate public transport system, including the Metro, s-trains, and buses, that can each be accessed via a zoned ticketing system. To make life easier, the Copenhagen Card allows travelers access to all types of public transport without having to worry about zoning. Almost all tourist attractions in Copenhagen can be accessed by public transportation, including top spots like the Botanical Gardens and the famous Opera House. 


Amsterdam, Netherlands

Photo source Hotels

You’re in luck if Amsterdam is on your bucket list! This city offers numerous public transport options. Before you head out the door, you can take advantage of online tools to help plan your routes and yes, there is an app for that! The bus system has a real-time departure map so you can plan your travel down to the minute, but keep in mind that each route runs on a different schedule, so wait time between buses can vary from 15 minutes to an hour. Line number two of the tram system is considered to be a tourist attraction in itself, as it takes riders through Central Station, through the canals, and through the sights of Vondelpark. Taxis and Ubers are also available for guests who feel more comfortable in a private travel car or want a more direct pickup and drop-off point. Also, if you’re looking for a bike-friendly destination, you’re in luck! The Netherlands actually has more bikes than people!


Burgas, Bulgaria

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A lesser-known destination for those on a unique European journey is Burgas, Bulgaria located along the shores of the Black Sea. Even the residents here sing the praises of the public transportation system. The Integrated Urban Transport of Burgas project is to thank for the ease of access as it brought the city new infrastructure and, more importantly, convenience to residents and tourists. The city center also boasts two pedestrian-only streets for visitors to easily access most key attractions within the area on foot. Like other European cities, Burgas is bike friendly and has a city council led bike rental program. Some must-see tourist attractions in Burges include the Roman Village of Deabelt ruins and the Burgas pier which stems into the Black Sea from the beautiful Sea Garden.


Madrid, Spain

Photo source Cultural Heritage

It has been said that Madrid not only has the most accessible public transportation system in Europe but also in the World. The commuter system in Madrid is highly intricate and sophisticated when compared to other systems. For example, it’s possible to get from one end of the city to another within 20 minutes. And while Madrid is known for its tourism opportunities and incredible public transportation system, it’s also famous for its bike-ability. Madrid is packed with sights for tourists to visit and enjoy and is a popular European destination among travelers. Be sure to check out the multiple historical Cathedrals throughout the city. You won’t be disappointed!


If Europe is on your bucket list, but securing a rental car, navigating the city, and parallel parking on those tiny streets freaks you out a bit, consider checking out one of these 5 cities! And if you need further help planning your adventure and navigating public transport while you’re in your destination, my job as a travel advisor is to plan it all out for you before you head out and ensure it all goes smoothly while you’re there! Contact me today to get started!



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