Top Destination Weddings of 2023

You’re engaged, planning your dream destination wedding, and completely overwhelmed with all of the options. (Or you’re just adding destinations to your pinterest for your future wedding day… I get it!)

As a travel advisor who specializes in destination wedding planning, here’s a list of 2023’s top wedding destinations to help you get started!

Tuscany, Italy

Tie the knot in one of the most romantic countries in the world - Tuscany, Italy. Tuscany has venue options ranging from rural settings, cathedrals, private villas, and lavish estates. Unique to this Italian region, are the hilltop castles just a short drive away from the Renaissance city of Florence. Whether your dream wedding is accommodating hundreds of guests or you're looking for a more intimate location, Tuscany has options for all. On top of the breathtaking views and architecture, Tuscany is known for its extensive wine selection so you and your guests can enjoy world-class wine tasting on the big day.


Cancun, Mexico

The most popular venue settings in Cancun, Mexico include the high rise resorts that line the shores of the Caribbean Sea. Cancun has become a popular destination wedding choice for many reasons, one being that it’s the perfect spot for a bachelor/bachelorette party, an incredible wedding ceremony and reception, and the dreamiest honeymoon post-wedding festivities. Entertainment ranges from endless nightlife to catamaran cruises, with lots of adventures in between. The resorts in Cancun are a perfect wedding spot for those looking to getaway but also have the comfort of a condensed resort type location. Plus, many offer extensive wedding and honeymoon packages that just can’t be beat (including deals on future anniversary trips). Can you imagine yourself tying the knot on this beautiful clear blue sandy beach? 


Marrakech, Morocco

Marrakech is an exotic city in the heart of Morocco that will blow your wedding guests away. The venues and the hospitality will leave you feeling like you are nothing less than royalty and the uniqueness of the location will be talked about for years to come. Plus, the gorgeous desert landscape will make the perfect backdrop for your dream ceremony. Make your wedding even more unique with spacious tents for your stay or invite belly dancers to perform at your reception. Marrakech is also famous for its Moroccan cuisine for the foodies reading this. After the wedding, take a trip up into the Atlas Mountains or camp in the Moroccan Sahara Desert to keep the celebration going for your adventure honeymoon.


Montego Bay, Jamaica 

Another destination that offers exquisite resort-style weddings is Montego Bay, Jamaica. Montego Bay is Jamaica's second largest city with resorts that span miles of the northwest corner of the island. This destination also boasts beautiful sugary white sand beaches for a gorgeous backdrop during your ceremony. Many resorts in this area offer all-inclusive packages and complimentary wedding ceremonies with a 3+ nights stay, depending on which resort you choose. Montego Bay is also a port for cruise ships, so you and your new spouse can depart for your Caribbean honeymoon following the wedding.


Provence, France

Provence, France is known for its multi-day wedding celebrations so if you don’t want your big day to be over in a flash, this might be an option for you! Explore venues that include expansive vineyards, lavender fields, olive groves, and countryside estates. One thing to note about getting married anywhere in France, is that you must be a resident to officially get married here, so if France is on your bucket list, it’s best to come with all the legalities done beforehand. One way couples get around this rule is they have a quick civil ceremony beforehand in their home country and then celebrate with friends and family in a symbolic ceremony and reception once they arrive in France.


Uluwatu, Bali

Bali is one destination that seems to be on most travelers' bucket list, which is why Uluwatu is becoming an in-demand location for weddings. Bali is known for its stunning venues on cliffsides overlooking the Indian Ocean. Uluwatu boasts wonderful natural beauty with welcoming locals that will make you feel nothing but loved on your wedding day. Just don't make the mistake of planning your wedding during Bali’s “wet” season or you risk having to move inside and miss out on that dreamy coastal backdrop. The best time to have a ceremony in Bali is in the summer months. 



No matter where you decide to jet off to to tie the knot with your loved one, I’m here to help! Contact me today to get started or find me over here on the Knot!


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