Why Should I Use a Travel Advisor?

I hear it all the time… “Do people still use travel advisors?” And my answer is always, “of course!”. I know I am a travel advisor so I don’t expect you to accept my opinion at face value, but here are a few reasons that I think might convince you to book your next trip with a trusted travel expert. 


What Do Travel Advisors Do?

Travel advisors are there to help you plan the perfect trip. Researching your next travel destination and finding activities to satisfy everyone in your party can cause a lot of unnecessary stress. Travel advisors are there to take that stress off your plate and support you in your planning process. By connecting with a travel advisor and giving them a rundown of your unique travel personality, they’ll be able to curate a perfectly balanced trip for you and your fellow travelers. 

Every traveler has a different personality and it is important for advisors to have the knowledge in order to meet each client's needs. For example, a trip to Sicily could look very different from client to client. One client could be looking for adventure and outdoor activities, in which a travel advisor might recommend a trekking tour of the Etna Volcano. On the other hand, if you are more of the relaxing type, you may find that a spa day or a food excursion is more appealing to you. 


Why Should I Book With a Travel Advisor?

Not only can travel advisors expedite getting your travel plans in order, they can also support you if any travel plans fall through. Nothing is worse than a canceled flight or a lost reservation but if you book your trip through an advisor, they can provide assistance with issues in real time so you’re not spending hours on hold with customer service. With the recent pilot shortage and grounding of flights, it is especially important to have someone watching your back in case things don’t go as originally planned. Even last minute cancellations of excursions can be re-booked by your advisor so you spend less time on headaches and have more free time to enjoy your visit. See why others recommend or have using travel advisors for their vacations!

“A travel agency’s greatest assets are its unique and leveraged relationships, its ability to problem-solve for its clients in real-time, 24/7.” 

Ryan, Burner Air 

Had a wonderful experience! From start to finish, Ronda helped my family create some amazing memories. She gave us multiple options for our trip, great travel tips, and even sent a sweet travel gift to my 8yr old. Great communication before and during the trip to ensure everything was up to par. Can’t wait to book my next trip with her!”

Kim, speaking about her experience with Bermudaful Travel & Beyond.


Travel Advisors Can Help You Navigate The Post-Pandemic Travel Scene

Since the pandemic, entry requirements vary from country to country and even some U.S. States still have restrictions, so it can be hard to determine what is expected of you when you arrive at your destination. Travel advisors are experts on the places they send their clients and stay up to date on the current requirements so you don’t have to check every day leading up to your departure as things change quick!

We’ve also seen quite a few disgruntled travelers who decided to book their own trip, pouring through reviews online of different hotels, airlines, and excursions. Only to find that when they arrived, things had gone downhill fast due to the lack of tourism in the past few years. Unfortunately, what you see online may not represent what you’ll actually experience in your destination, especially post-pandemic. That’s why I use the motto “I go so you know”. I travel the world in search of the top destinations and accommodations for my clients. And if I haven’t been to your bucket list spot, I can guarantee I know someone who has! My robust travel advisor network allows me to stay up to date on a wide variety of destinations around the world so I know I’m sending you on the perfect trip every time!


Traveling With an Advisor Saves You Time and Money

The relationships that travel advisors have built throughout their careers will allow you to have access to special offers and deals you won’t find online. And you won’t even have to lift a finger during the planning process so you can simply enjoy the excitement and anticipation while eliminating the stress. To learn more about exclusive travel advisor deals or my trip-planning process, click here!


Travel Advisors Can Help You Plan Your Special Event

Travel advisors book a wide assortment of vacations for their clients, but people don’t often realize that we can actually help you plan big events like weddings! At Bermudaful Travel & Beyond, I specialize in Destination Weddings and Honeymoon Travel. So while you’re busy planning your celebration, I’ll be working behind the scenes to help connect you with a venue, book your hotel blocks, find you the best flights, and book accommodations for the honeymoon destination of your dreams. I even create a link for your wedding website that allows family and friends to reach out to me with questions about flights, hotel rooms, transportation, and more!


There are several other benefits to booking your trip with a travel advisor like choosing the right travel insurance and having an advocate if plans go sideways, but I think you get the idea! We’re like a pocket assistant from the time you start planning to the time you arrive home after your trip. We not only help you plan the trip of your dreams, but we also make sure that trip stays on track (or takes a detour if you want to switch things up once you get to your destination) throughout the entire experience to make sure it’s as stress-free as possible for our travelers.

So long story short, yes! Travel advisors are definitely still around and ready to help you plan your dream vacation. Travelers worldwide continue to reach out and book with travel advisors to maximize their time and budgets. Here at Bermudaful Travel and Beyond, we are ready to help you plan the next trip of your dreams. Check out some of our popular destinations and current promotions and feel free to contact us when you are ready to book or if you just want to learn more about how we can help you. 



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