Our Top Tips for Holiday Travel This Year

As the holidays draw closer, many people are wondering if it is safe to travel this year and with how this year has turned out, we all deserve a luxury getaway abroad right about now. 

Travelers are advised to stay informed about where they’re traveling and take the necessary precautions. We are honored to serve you in crafting the perfect family trip that will make this holiday season special for you in every way. 

Stay Informed When Choosing Your Destination

This is very important every time you take a holiday, but being informed about your destination is even more crucial in today's atmosphere. Choosing a country in which the pandemic is not as limiting as others is undoubtedly a good start. To make a better choice, we can help you look at how your top destinations are handling the pandemic, along with the measurements they are taking to protect their citizens and travelers alike.

Take Precautions to Protect Yourself

During this time, we are all taking measurements to protect ourselves and our loved ones. Schedule a consultation call with us to discuss what you and your family can expect during your luxury escape based on the location(s) you’re interested in. We will keep you up-to-date on what you can expect before, during, and after your vacation. 

Additionally, finding alternative ways to explore your preferred destination could add an unexpected yet exciting twist to your family vacation this holiday season. Even if you have a tradition of visiting the same country each year, you could opt to stay at a more remote resort this time. 

Our Top Recommended Destinations

We’ve previously shared with you our list of the hottest destinations for U.S. tourists right now. Latin America and the Caribbean remain full of great options, offering tropical getaways only a short flight away. Below are some of our favorite options that do not have mandatory quarantine restrictions.

Bermuda continues to be an excellent option, as they have had a good response to the pandemic. Bermuda is welcoming both digital nomads and short-term travelers with open arms making it a perfect place to escape from 2020. Currently, their entry requirements include proof of a negative test taken preferably within 72 hours (no more than 7 days before travel), and completion of an online immigration and customs form.

Costa Rica is a perfect destination for adventure travelers. Costa Rica has recently opened its borders to U.S. tourists and has eliminated the requirement of a negative test. Now, you will be granted entry into this ‘pura vida’ Central American country as long as you provide proof of traveler’s insurance that meets their requirements. 

Jamaica, although small in size, is bursting with vibrant culture and is currently welcoming U.S. tourists. Right now, the only current requirement is to fill out, and receive approval of, an online Travel Authorization document prior to travel. 

Mexico is close to home, with so much to explore. Although the land borders are closed, you can fly to Mexico and you may be selected for random temperature checks and other health screenings at the airport.

As you can see, while this holiday may not be like the rest, it can still be made memorable and special. 

We invite you to contact us today so we can help you plan your holiday getaway with expert guidance on entry requirements, luxury accommodation options, health insurance, and more!


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